Ger 2015

Ger camp is located near Tarbes.

The CLES-FACIL FSX31 project

This project is a continuation of the previous one (FSX30 launched in Biscarrosse in 2014). This time it is about a real rocket with 2 stages but without the engine of the Second stage to test all the security imposed in this kind of project. If all goes well, the following year the club will launch the version with engine in the second stage

As always, it is necessary to pass the controls and they are particularly rigorous for the rockets with 2 stages

Getting ready for the simulated flight test.

The controls are good, we go into the launch preparation tent ...

... The timeline then unfolds.


Departure to the launch area

At the foot of the ramp, the family photo

FSX31 is on the ramp

Then the ramp is erected

Video of the launch

The flight was perfect, the separation and recovery of the second stage was done correctly ...

... but the opening of the first-stage parachute did not work.

Water rockets animations

We finish the rocket

We put water

We put the rocket on the ramp

The next team is ready