Biscarrosse 2009

The Biscarrosse camp is located south of Bordeaux (France).

TROY and Hippie 01 launches by Club TRoll


The objective of TROY was to test a redundant bus and triple bus redundancy of timers with majority vote via the redundant bus. take-off detection by absolute majority. Unfortunately this function did not work causing the parachutes not to open.

Troy being tested

Troy en cours de test

Troy during checks

Troy au controle

The TRoll team ready for the descent on the launch pad.

Troy sur rampe

Troy ready for the ramp

Troy sur pas de lancement

Troy inside the ramp

Troy sur rampe

Troy take off

Troy au décollage


High pressure water rocket designed for 40 bars, but micro leaks limited the pressure rise to 15 bars. This rocket is built on the basis of a 42 mm diameter FTC tube and reinforced with an epoxy coated carbon sheath.

Hippie01 before the flight and on the right a two-stage water rocket


electronic box and Hippie01 cone

Troll le club

Hippie on ramp

Hippie sur rampe

Hippie 01 takeoff. The launch being done in haste (I will not be taken back), an unfortunate oversight generated the non-functioning of the electronics, thus causing the rocket to crash.

Décollage Hippie 01

Hippie equipment box after the flight

Case équipement Hippie apres le vol

Hippie's electronics after the flight. On the right the servomotor has suffered a lot, while the altimeter (above the main board) is intact. The main board, which contains the voltage regulators and the microcomputer (an ATTiny45) is also damaged.

Minuterie Hippie apres le vol

Water rocket animation

First, the children built their rocket under the watchful eye of the animators and parents (who also participated in the construction).

Then everyone, parents and children, gathered near the launch pad to launch them

Animation fusée à eau

Setting up a rocket on the ram

Mise en place Flashie sur rampe

5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. 0

5 4 3 2 1 0

By the CLES_FACIL : Delta 1 et Padmé+ Yoda

Delta 1

Delta 1 in preparation. The objective was to test recovery by gliding flight. The rocket to deploy a delta wing at the apogee. A traditional parachute was planned for the last few meters in order to land the rocket more gently.

Delta 1

Mise sur rampe

Take off

The bet was successful, the wings spread well, the flight was a bit bumpy, but in the end the parachute opened.

Padmée and Yoda

This year's project is mainly focused on the Yoda cansat, which is due to participate in several Cansat competitions (France, Spain and USA). For the time being, it will be placed in the Padmée rocket to be ejected at its peak (around 900m). It will then have to try to return to its starting point thanks to its paraglider wing piloted by the Cansat itself according to its GPS coordinates and that of the target to be reached.

Padmée in preparation and controls


Folding Yoda's Parachute

Yoda in the rocket

Padmé and the team before the launch

Team Cles-Facil

Unfortunately, I have no images of the flight of Padmée

Padme elevation curve

Yoda during his paraglider descent