La Courtine 2005

After a year 2004 without a campaign, Planète Sciences and CNES return to La Courtine and this will also be the occasion to reunions for a lot of old.

The Courtine camp is located in central France west of Clermont-Ferrand.

It was also the occasion to carry out a conference of the CLES-FACIL on a comparison between a rocket (Iphigénie 2) of 1969, presented by myself and a rocket of 2003 (Axelle) presented by Nicolas Chaleyroux ex-president of CLES_FACIL and current president (2005) of the space sector of Planète-Sciences. (photo below)

Comparatif Iphigenie2-ELA

The EASY KEY launched 2 rockets: Trinity, with the whole team below.

The purpose of this rocket was to test 3 methods of measuring acceleration.

Under testing

On the way to the launch pad

Trinity for the final check-up. It will be a total success for Trinity, who will also obtain the CNES prize.

Elisabeth, with an original umbrella-style recovery system. Here for the controls.

Elisabeth en test

Last adjustments before lowering on the ramp.

Réglages finaux avant lancement

Ready for ramping up

Pret pour la mise en Rampe

Elisabeth on her ramp

Mise en rampe

Take off

Elisabeth : Décollage

Elisabeth's recovery, intact after the flight

The Club TRoll had come with its mini-rocket "LOO" (pronounced round fin), which therefore has the particularity of having a cylindrical fin very deported towards the rear. The motor is in fact placed just above the openings (at the level of the gray strip).

LOO ready to ramp up. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the suite, but the flight was perfect and the recovery was without problem.