Ger 2017

Ger camp is located near Tarbes.

Iris project of CLES-FACIL

The purpose of this project was to test a rotating servo camera to counterbalance the rocket's rotation.

Latest software updates

View of the electronic part

Tests of the electronic


On the way to controls

Mechanical controls

"Simulated flight" control

electronic controls

On the launch pad, in the rain, preparation of the rocket.

Ready for ramping up

The camera

The rocket is on the ramp, the timeline is unrolling

The ramp is erected

Waiting for take off (which I missed)

Unfortunately the parachute was torched and the return to earth was a bit brutal

What remains of the equipment part :-(

The camera box and the camera itself were left intact, which made it possible to extract the video below.

On the other hand, the electronic cards suffered.

video from Iris

Eybus2 project of the TRoll

This mini rocket project embeds a recovery system in 2 stages: a first slowing parachute up to 100 m from the ground then opening of a second parachute for a smooth landing. In addition, an inertial unit makes it possible to determine the real trajectory. The data entered is recorded on board in an NVRAM.

Eybus 2 in full. Below the cone the "nose" which contains the mirror allowing the camera to film downwards.

The same with the two parachutes not yet folded and stored in their location.

Note that the cone is not the final one, the one in the photo is a little too big and crooked :-)

View of the on-board camera and servo motor

On the back, the electronics with the arduino mini card

Ready for the ramp descent

After switching on the camera, closing the cone

Ramp up

Il ne reste plus qu'à la faire glisser jusqu'en bas

Well, the ramp is a bit excessive for Eybus2, but it is intended for much larger rockets (like Iris)

Back, Eybus 2 is impeccable

the video of the test "simulated flight" of Eybus2

the video of the launch of Eybus 2

And of course, always the water rockets

This year it was really water rockets, underwater

Despite everything, during the clearings, a few courageous ones practiced it