Biscarrosse 2014

The Biscarrosse camp is located south of Bordeaux (France).

CLES-FACIL FSX30 project

This year the CLES_FACIL was present with its FSX30 rocket whose objective is to:

Last updates

Assembly of the 2 stages

The FSX30 dashboard

The rocket is ready

Descent to the ramp

The family picture

We unroll the timeline

Ready for the take off

Take off

Descent under parachute

The first stage is on earth

The same from another angle

The second stage is also placed a few meters

In more close-up

Recovery team with the entire rocket

Another award-winning project.

Water rockets animations

Like every year, a water rocket construction workshop has been set up

We build

We put on the ramp and we introduce the water

we pump

But for the flight, you have to be ready and fast ...