Biscarrosse 2010

The Biscarrosse camp is located south of Bordeaux (France).

The TRoll Club

The TRoll club stand with Yann and Julien.

TRoll le club

In the foreground, the Khéos project for tracking rockets during flight.


The CLES-FACIL project : Sat'Launch

Sat'Launch during the tests


The on-board cansat : Altaïr2

Cansat Altair II

Toute l'équipe du club avec Sat'Launch


The same near the ramp

Sat'Launch on the ramp

Sat'Launch Take off

Décollage Sat'Launch

Parachute descent

From afar

Vol Sat'Launch

From close

Sat'Launch posed

Altaïr posed

Water rockets

Flashie take off, a small 1.25-liter water rocket

The small trainees of the water rocket workshop, ready to launch their realization.Stagiaires avant le lancement

Flip02 on his launch pad.

Flip sur rampe

ELP: Electronics and cone containing the parachute

Last checks before the final account

Elp sur rampe

ELP Take off