Ger 2019

Ger camp is located near Tarbes.

The CLES-FACIL Astreos project

The Astréos project is part of the series of experimental rockets designed by CLES-FACIL and ultimately aimed at the implementation of a ramjet designed by the club via a two-stage supersonic launcher. The objectives of this year's project were to verify the dynamic behavior and stability of an experimental rocket equipped with the ramjet in subsonic regime, as well as the qualification of systems for implementation in supersonic regime in the future.

Astréos in 3 parts

Close-up of the ramjet

Electronic equipment

On the way to controls

mecanicals tests

Simulated flight

Sequence of the chronology before going down to the launch pad.

Ready for boarding to the launch pad

Arrival on the launch pad

The traditional family photo

Take off

To fulfill the first objective, the trajectory was reconstructed using data from the plant inertial and on-board sensors.

The club was able to determine the pitcher's drag coefficient, a critical quantity to be able to predict and model its trajectory and estimate its time at the apogee.

Although this quantity could be evaluated in a wind tunnel, the flight made it possible to compare the models of the trajectory and the true trajectory followed by the launcher. In addition, the viability of the numerical models developed to estimate the aerodynamic coefficients and the stability of the rocket were confirmed.

Despite ballistic flight due to the failure of a part of the parachute line below its rated load, the ramjet fusex has been shown to be stable in its current geometry.

These results make it possible to consider the implementation of the ramjet in supersonic during the next C’Space campaign in order to continue its development.

Water rocket workshop

First day, it starts softly

Second day, there are more people.