Biscarrosse 2012

The Biscarrosse camp is located south of Bordeaux (France).

In this year 2012, no CLES-FACIL because of the rocket not ready :-(

No projects from the TRoll club :-(

But water rockets, with "water rocket workshop" animations on the launch site, between two pyrotechnic rocket launches.

To make the spectators mouth water, launch one of my rockets, very simple but with a recovery system. Launch pressure: 8 bars. It really impresses young people, who then also want to build their water rocket.


The workshop in full swing

Atelier FàO

After construction, the souvenir photo...


... then the preparations for the launch ...


The inflation


But it is sometimes hard...

C'est dur

... and the take off.


Another activity is the ZAS Bar, it is very hot in Biscarrosse at the end of August

Zas bar

Lots of spectators for the takeoff of the "Fusex"


First a MiniF

Décollage Minif

Then the fusex

Décollage fusex 1

Decollage Fusex 2

Planète-Sciences was doing 3D printing demonstrations

Impression 3D

And here are some objects made in 3D printing

Objets imprimés en 3D