Ger camp is located near Tarbes.

The Iphigenie 50 project of CLES-FACIL

The Iphigénie project involving a supersonic launcher equipped with a high-performance Pro-98 thruster, a novelty for a C'Space campaign, it was finally decided to first validate the behavior of the launcher during the C ' Space 2018 in order to prepare the flight tests of the inert ramjet as part of the Astréos project during C'Space 2019.

Launched in July 2018, Iphigénie 50 is the very first supersonic experimental rocket produced and launched by a team of students in France. In addition to seeking to validate the behavior of the rocket in supersonic mode, it was fitted with a Pitot probe in order to compare a direct measurement of the speed with the data returned by the on-board inertial unit.

Iphigenie 50 in preparation

Beginning of the controls

Storing the parachute in its housing

Take off

The rocket flight went smoothly and the sound barrier was breached. The launcher performed a flight with a maximum speed of mach 1.1 for an altitude of 3km (limit air ceiling imposed during C’Space launches). It should be noted that to respect this ceiling, the rocket was fitted with a stainless steel airbrake produced by push-back in partnership with the Bonitempo company. The electronics of the rocket consisted of numerous digital cards and sensors supplied by TE Connectivity in order to measure and record the data presented in the graph below:

Eybus 3

Eybus 3 is just an evolution of Eybus 2 after correcting the small problems of the latter, in particular securing data after the flight.

The takeoff was magnificent (see the video below). But we quickly lost sight of it because of a cloud that was precisely in the path.

It turned out that the parachute did not open and therefore the rocket crashed to the ground. In question, the string, which was to tear off the jack ensuring the take-off detection, broke, so the rocket did not detect the take-off and the timer did not start.

The launch video, be careful, the launch pad is not the first, but the smallest, almost hidden behind the bigger one.

Water rockets

As always, the water rocket workshop was in full swing